1. That was best thing I’ve read this past year, holy hell I cant stop laughing, snot running from my nose and ters flowing from my eyes. My father came rushing in though I was choking on something and we continued to read until we were both choking and spraying spit and tears all over the screen.

  2. “several minutes on a grill” gives you a medium steak at the very least – steak cooks crazy fast. Even half a minute might be enough for a grill at high temperature. I love rare myself.

  3. I liked the story and laughed about it, but I hate how she calls her husband a dumb fuck all the time, and that she laughs about him with her boss, and the text she sent him? She’s an asshole. Yeah, he fucked up and did some crazy shit, but that crazy shit is why her fucking life may not be boring as fuck driving her to fucking suicide… Damn, I don’t like that woman, even after the “apologize” on the update… It’s fucked up.

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