Top 20 funniest drunk people

Top 20 funniest drunk people
Top 20 funniest drunk people




3. Mum got drunk for the first time in 10 years









8. Roommate came back drunk last night and doesn’t remember designing an entire plane


9. Accidentally bought my toad 100 top hats instead of one while I was drunk online shopping…


10. He made a drum kit out of cocktail stirrers


11. Told my fiancée I didn’t get that drunk last night. She showed me this picture in the morning


12. “Hello? Is this Jenna? Why is the phone so cold and slimy? “…and why does is smell of the sea?”










17. Mom & her best friend got drunk and gave my cat a bath, his face says it all


18. You know you are drunk when …

19. I’ve never been so drunk that I couldn’t handle my pizza.


20. We enlarged a photo of a drunk friend. He’s not happy.


  1. C’mon, no one talking about the toad one? I’ll just point things 1 – Why the guy has a toad? 2 – Why the toad needs a hat?!? 3 – How he managed to accidentally buy a HUNDRED toad hats??!?!!?

  2. Drunk guy got on board the bus that I’m in, sat somewhere in the back row. In less than a minute, he was snoring. A few minutes later, I looked at him and he was already lying down across the bus seat. When the bus stopped, I heard a crash behind me. I looked back and sure enough, he was on the floor, still sleeping soundly.

  3. One time, I got so wasted that I over-flooded a restroom at a restaurant. My drunk-ass chuckled at the situation, but I also felt bad and wanted to fix it. The employees said it was okay and that they could handle it. My bf came to pick me up and saw what happened. So, he walked me to his car and walked back to further apologize the damages I’ve caused. My humiliating self ran out of the car to sprint to the restaurant only to have my bf immediately stop me, carry me back to his car, to which I screamed bloody murder “LET ME GO FIX THE TOILET!!!” causing a few neighbors to come check out the situation because they thought someone was getting raped. Ha ha ha…good times. That was my first and LAST time I’ll ever experience what being wasted feels like. Clearly, I can’t handle it. With drunk, I’m fine. I just sit there and cry.

  4. The second last day of school I got so drunk I took the last train home, overslept my station and woke up in a whole other city. 70€ for a night in a hotel just to get up at 6am and drive back to school by train. (I also pissed out of the hotel window because there was no toilet in my room.)

  5. me and my friends are just falling asleep after drinking hard, boring. The only fun is to pick them up, put them on the bed, end the party and wait downstairs for a confused reaction when he finally wakes up and we lie to him that the party was yesterday and he slept for 18 hours

  6. I am still impressed, the guys have been able to open the bottle of wine out of nowhere. I mean, it’s kind of difficult with no wine-opener. McGuyver stuff

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