1. I really had mixed feelings about this movie, like it wasnt that bad but it wasnt also great this movie just left me with more questions and most of the movie was confusing af

  2. OH CMON what does it need to have a SW movie to be good for you people?That was a lot of work just for us to enjoy it.The Movie was good not the best or the greatest but good with good soundtrack good character development i mean it had the best lightsaber fights than all of the other movies and it did great by telling multiple stories with Poe then Rey and Luke and Finns binding them together.People screaming that oh Rey didnt even needed Luke then you really didnt see the movie she fucking stayed there until he learned her something just enough for her to start with.Yeah i agree that the only complain i have is that Snoke was killed to fast i really wanted to know who he was where he come from but idk i feel like Snoke was just the begining.And the best part was how Luke just shited on Kylo big time.AND AGAIN THE FUCKING FANBASE OF SW IS RUINING ALL

  3. To be real, star wars never had very good movies, however they visualized the massive universe that star wars contain which is why i’m able to enjoy pretty much every scene in all of them.

  4. I am so fucking done!!! Stop saying the movie sucks!!!! It dosent!!! Its like every fucking other movie in the fucking world!!!!! It was really fucking good!!!! Please fucking STOP!!!!! (k thx [fucking couter: 6])

  5. Which minority will be the next big character.. first we get female lead + black male and ofc white male as villain and now they added a chubby asian woman

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