1. OMG I’m in a relationship! Let me make 100 comics about how it feels to be in one. Screw the comics I did up to now that were actually good. People need to see that I have a relationship and it’s perfect in every way (even doe it’s not). Every online comic book artist since internet was invented.

  2. I’m an illustrator too, I should make a comic about my relationship with my same height (slightly shorter) fiance as there seem to be none and I find it really cute too. Some perks: full easy access to my neck and shoulders (damn sexy during foreplay) You like neck kisses? you’re missing out shorter guys. Being able to make eye contact with no neck pain for ages. Always walk at the same speed and even look dorky because you end up walking with the same foot at the same time. Being able to hug him from behind and have your head rest over his shoulder. When wearing heels, you feel like those huge top models and he loves the hugs because your boobs are so close. You eat about the same amount, so sharing bigger meals or cutting your portion in half and exchanging to try both dishes. Not exclusive of short men, but they take you seriously when you’re angry, instead of telling you that you look “cute”. I could go on and on 🙂

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