1. Putting things like the specific movie aside, along with who this post is aimed at and everything else, do Americans really act like that in a cinema watching a movie? Here in Australia, at the movies, every one is there to watch the movie – not to have a chat with some one at the other end of the isle, to yell and scream at the screen. There might be an occasional gasp at a scary part, or a laugh at something funny, but otherwise you get to watch the movie in relative silence.

  2. Am I racist for thinking that “people that believe a movie is especially made for their race” is in fact, racist? Why can’t we just enjoy a nice action movie about a tribe with elite warriors owning and pwning shit. Without caring what skin colour they have 🙁

  3. and what all these “this movie was made for us!” motherfuckers out there don’t realize is the only reason the comic survived, is because a bunch of white nerdy mother fuckers kept buying it, because they were comic fans. not because of stupid race baiting bullshit. it easily could have gone the way of many other comic runs that died due to poor sales

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