1. I don’t lie to myself, I have a huge project that needs multiple Days perhaps weeks? Np I’ll start 3 hours before the end of the last day (yeah right 3 hours my ass probably 2)

  2. Download everything you need for the project. Turn off every unnecesary device (and internet) Drink a cup of coffee Start slowly Think about how lonely you are Cry Scream Buy a gun in Walmart Shoot your school/college Die like a legend

  3. Considering that I have a project to do, with deadline tomorrow, I haven’t started yet, and that instead of working I‘m on 9gag, writing a comment on exactly that… I gotta say, that this is painfully true

  4. I have procrastinated to such an extent, that I’ve managed to extend my school’s final submission date so extensively that the old principal just straight up quit. I have made a man quit his career just because I was too lazy to write a report. I am God.

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