1. Damn, this is like the most relatable “relatable comic” I’ve seen on here (for me, personally) and I was thinking, “phew, glad I’m not alone,” then I get to the comments and find out no one else really relates…

  2. yeah im kinda like that i do can be very on fire when it comes to arguments but most of the rest is true but i recently flipped someone off that was honking at me like a moron because he had to slow down for a second while i was still crossing the street and boy that felt so good. Wasnt even intended it was just a reflex but im glad i did it

  3. I’m a pretty happy person and easy to live with, but this is literally me and it has ruined my roommate situation because I didn’t have the balls to tell them off and I internalised everything.

  4. The very way humans are built is to work fluidly both mentally and physically. The thoughts that’s inside you is nothing but a heap of impressions you gathered, and physical body is the food that you eat. What you gathered can be yours but cannot ever be you. There’s an intelligence which is inside you that is still waiting to wake up. All the sadness, depression, joy, happiness everything happens inside your brains. Yes there’s maybe a stimulus from outside, but it is just a matter of perspective, what is sadness to you can be blessing to many, you can ignore that if you choose to. It is the easiest thing to do if you pay a little attention to yourself. The thing is, If you are alone and miserable, obviously you are in a bad company.

  5. 1. Public transport. You’re not staying for long. No big deal. 2. Do the dishes, make a point to tell them to do the dishes after making food. Easier to just bring up small little courtesy things than to demand they do a huge chore. (Even if you did it last time). 3. Grow up. 4. The same. Grow up. Take responsibility and make them take theirs. 5. Authority doesn’t come naturally. It’s a trained skill that takes mastering. 6. Less confrontation, less drama. It’s just how it is. But at the same time you sit there with all these fucking issues that you can’t seem to get over because you can’t grow a pair.

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