1. I have the feeling quite a few people with severe gastro issues will see the seatbelt on the toilet and think, “That actually would help me out sometimes.” I know I did.

  2. 51 is a very expensive mistake for the employee who accidentally deployed the slide; I used to work for an airline, and that was the one thing I was scared crapless of doing.

  3. #29 is not weird. The gentleman is a person with low vision. He’s simply using his magnifier to give him more magnification to read his phone.

  4. 29 isn’t “weird”, it’s someone with a visual impairment using a tool to see their phone better. can we not call disabled people “weird” pls

  5. Number 22 reminds me of South Park reverse cowgirl episode where Clyde forgets to put the toilet seat down his mom falls into it when she goes to use it and ends up having here organs sucked out of her thus ending her life and it becomes a national castophe and new laws are placed and having a seat belt for the toilet was one of the laws you know besides having a officer in the bathroom with them.

  6. 33 reminded me that I still owe my math/science teacher a tissue box ’cause I used it for a project xD. Oh well, I’m not in that school anymore cause I passed :D.

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