26 Trending Funny Pictures of The day

Who knows?!

When puberty hits you good

Sandcastle with extremely clean lines.

Instead of taking 30 seconds to find one of the hundred chargers we have in our house this was my dad’s solution for charging his phone…

I see what you say….

It’s cold in Swedistan this morning

Tidepods are for p*ssies

Poor fishy

Apparently this one

Wait, what?!

Teacher carrying gun law hasn’t even passed and this happens

Best babysitter ever…

How to be good student, yes, Answer to Satan

Me right there

When you cant stop laughing because the lines are just so well delivered, but also cant stop crying because you see yourself in what he says…

They’re definitely hiding treasures in there

Cutest thing I see today

Listen here you sick f**k.

Current Emotion…

Hapi boi yea..

Beware the fluffy cat of death!

As the years goes by….

This swimming pool in Chile is 1km long.

Why is this meme not a thing anymore?

I like kittens

Just a icicle

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