1. Stop this. Most of this girls CAN buy a bra at the chain store, If you have cup size G-J you cannot do that and this is terrible. Imagine you HAVE TO spand 1/5 of your salary just to buy one! This is nightmare. Cons: those bras are comfortable AND pretty at the same time.

  2. Just ask to be mesured in a lingerie store, and never deal with rolls, or this “caging” feeling again! Only few girls know their actual bra size, they very often go for the wrong one.

  3. To all of you geniuses supporting “just don’t wear a bra”… That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works. If not wearing a bra was an option then we wouldn’t wear bras at all, trust me. I’m a D cup and I feel like a fucking cow after 10 minutes of putting it off. People see big breasts in a bra and think that’s how round they always look like, well I’m sorry but they are not anime balloons, that doesn’t make them shaggy either. My nipples are big (it is usually so with big boobed girls) and also extremely visible through clothing, they don’t even need to be erect, sometimes even through bra and that’s another pain in the ass. Also, I don’t get why the average girl struggles while shopping for a bra. I may personally struggle because I’m an 85D while my waist and back are a lot thinner analogically, but the body proportions of the average girl are in most cases smooth. Don’t lash it out on the bra companies just because you don’t know what’s the right size for your body.

  4. Number 1 remenbered me at something … When I was at grade 7, I wore a top that showed my bra strips. In English class we were visited by two Americans who explained us their school system, and the teacher pointed at me and asked if I would be allowed to wear that in America (I wouldn’t.)

  5. I have a feeling #11 explains 99% of the problems with bras: you are unwilling to pay a modest sum for quality underwear. Also you are fat, thus your old, shrunken underwear feels constricting. The rest of the problems are explained by #5: you want to wear sexy/cute bras for some unknowable reason, even when you don’t expect any action. Also you think buying a smaller bra is sexy because it has a better push-up effect, but it also accentuates your other torso fat which has the opposite effect…

  6. most of these can be prevented by wearing a bra that fits. Most women wear bras that don’t fit properly. I learned only yesterday that when you for example try a 80F bra and it is a bit snug you don’t try a 85F but a 85E because the cup size becomes bigger when the overall size increases. Which is so logical but I never thought of it.

  7. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, but I wear bra basicly everyday, and yes, suppostive one with wires, never felt so uncomfortable with it, I take it off only while changing into pyjamas, and a last time I got stabbed by my bra was I think around 10 years ago. And all of that with one breast bigger around half of a cup from other.

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