19 Pics of people who had a very very bad day

19 Pics of people who had a very very bad day
19 Pics of people who had a very very bad day

1. Hey, at least you didn’t get stuck in a speaker:

2. And at least you didn’t order a chair made for ANTS:

4. And at least you didn’t pick the worst possible time for a selfie:

He strikes again.


  1. I was on a pretty busy train and the seat beside me was free so at the next stop this lady came over and asked was there anyone sitting there, I tried to say “Go Ahead” and “Fire Away” at the same time but just looked up at her with a smile and said “Go Away”. I looked like a total psycho

  2. I took medication for a cold this morning that doesn’t indicated drowsiness on the front. Only on the back in very small print. I’ve been at my desk on a magical mystery tour listening to the Rugrats soundtrack. I feel as weird as Busta Rhymes must’ve felt when they asked him to write a song for the Rugrats movie.

  3. My legendary failure during one of my cashier shifts at work was when we were running an Easter baskets-for-foster kids-donation thing. I was exhausted and when I asked the woman I was ringing up if she was interested in assisting, I asked her “Would you like to donate a foster child?” She was horrified, but the guy in line behind her was crying, along with my manager when I told her what I had said. I made it worse by bursting into hysterics while trying to correct myself, which made the guy laugh harder, which set me off again…it was a vicious cycle.

  4. This morning I texted my realtor that I was backed up from too much cheese on the weekend then I took too much milk of magnesia last night and was shitting liquid now. I meant to send it to my friend who we always discuss our weird bathroom experiences. I am mortified. The realtor hasn’t responded to the text. We close on our house on Thursday so I know I’ll be seeing her soon too!

  5. Do u guys just delete the embarrassing text from the chat window since it’s impossible to unsend and pretend it never happened because otherwise you’d cringe every time u open that chat? In severe cases whole convo gets a delete. Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Not to be that person, but for #8, the company was technically correct. The paint did was off her face easily. They didn’t mention anything about whether it stains skin or not.

  7. I work at a Starbucks with a drive-thru and one of my coworkers was taking orders. Right after she finished up an order with a customer she saw her husband walk into cafe and went really loudly, “And there’s my boo boo!” Unfortunately, her headset was still on so not only did all the baristas hear her but also the poor innocent customer still sitting at the speaker, who had no context whatsoever.

  8. I feel really bad for people who send accidental texts. I was having a professional convo through email with a potential client and we parted ways because they couldn’t provide what I was asking – perfectly nice conversation on all sides. Apparently the guy I was chatting with forwarded the message to a female employee and she replied all instead of just to him so I got her very rude message about me basically saying I was “all messed up” and should have “known who I was asking.” I was annoyed for a second because it was unprofessional and I had been referred to them by one of their clients, but then I realized how many snarky things I’ve said behind someone’s back – especially at work – and I breathed a sigh of relief it didn’t happen to me. Technology is great, but it sucks sometimes.

  9. Shift click can be a life ruiner. I came incredibly close to accidentally sending a dirty fanfic along with my resume to a job recruiter. It got attached, but I realized it before hitting send. And I have now put all of my resume and work documents in a separate folder.

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