19+ Memes and Funny Pics On April Fools 2018

April Fool Buddy!!

The first April fools joke!!

I feel for his wife.

April Fools!

Mha Hart mha sole

When u got no protection against bad jokes

Missed this meme so I thought I’d try to bring it back

🙁 who needs April Fools anyway

April fools!

When I was little, I used to prank my parents on 1. April by waking them and saying that it was snowing. 2018, 1. April Denmark

What a coincidence

Not even gonna bother anymore, all I do is get hurt every time

It scares the hell even out of gay virgin 9gaggers!

Nice april fool. I’m dead.

What tf should I do?

April Fool’s Day has started

April fools

Nye. Nye.

Its a prank bro!

April fool

April Fool

April Fool


Perfect gift for the girlfriend

April Fools day is just around the corner and I have a new idea

Some of this stuff is amazing!


All aboard the feels train

When Easter is on April Fools

April fool maybe I am the fool

Struggling with this more than I should

Haha such a dad joke!

April Fools

1 birthday per 4 years, sad

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