19+ Hilarious Birthday Cake FAILS That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time

19+ Hilarious Birthday Cake FAILS That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time
19+ Hilarious Birthday Cake FAILS That Will Make You Laugh Every Single Time

1. Folks, here’s a friendly reminder that cake decorating is hard.

2. Not everyone is cut out for it.

3. This cake is — allegedly — a hedgehog.

Why does it have human teeth???

4. Snow White looks like she’s having a bad day.

5. Well, it was a noble effort.

6. Sometimes your Buzz Lightyear is just gonna look like Benjamin Franklin, and that’s okay!!!

7. Someone put Thomas the Tank Engine out of his misery.

8. It seems pretty straightforward, but snowmen cakes are surprisingly hard.

9. Like, very hard.

10. Not even Olaf is safe.

11. Why is Miley’s head so small??

12. The force is not with this cake.

13. I mean, maybe it tastes good???

14. This Ariel cake looks like she’s seen some shit.

15. Actually, I take it back, the other Ariel was amazing.


17. Is… Cookie Monster bleeding out of the mouth??

18. Hopefully someone had the good sense to Hulk-smash this cake.

19. Y’know, let’s just avoid superhero cakes in general.

20. If your kid wants a dragon cake, maybe just get it from the store.

21. Remember, fam: It always looks easier on Pinterest.

22. At least it’s the thought that counts.


  1. Let your cakes cool before frosting. Use stiffer frosting that will hold up when piped, not crap from a can to which you just added food coloring. Learn to use frosting tips (it’s not hard) and pipe the design on, like the cake pan shows; yes, it is incredibly time consuming, but even if you weren’t a master decorator, it’d probably still come out a lot better than these cakes did.

  2. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.” Does NOT apply here. Never ever shoot again. Please stop shooting.

  3. A lot of the ‘before’ cakes aren’t frosted, they have that other stuff on it that you see in those cake shows. I think that is one of the biggest issues to the cakes not turning out right.

  4. I gotta give people credit for at least trying…and most of these cakes could be done successfully…with a bit of practice first…I can speak for EVERYONE…when I say that…cake decorating is not rocket science…there is no magic talent in it.

  5. A lot of these could have turned out a lot better by using marzipan as was used in the demonstration pictures, or by using a different frosting tip…

  6. You can’t be surprised or disappointed when you don’t follow the instructions or ingredients list. Of course the Olaf cupcakes are going to look bad when you improv with licorice, chocolate chips and a Mike and Ike’s.

  7. i applaud the efforts of these bakers as most of them seem to be done for their kid(s). i know i have seen ideas and tried some things. the most expansive effort was when my grandson wanted a jurassic part theme cake with an exploding volcano. it came out great and while it wasn’t exactly exploding the whipped cream lava did seep nicely down the side. however, i will never do it again.

  8. Honestly, if someone tried to make me even one of these cakes and messed it up I would absolutely love it. The messed up ones are hilarious and I would love that someone even tried and that it turned out so funny looking. GIMME ALL YOUR FUCKED UP CAKES I WILL LOVE THEM

  9. “It’s the thought that counts!” That depends, Buzzfeed. I’m not too sure thought was involved in some of these cakefails here beyond “acquire cake mix, toss it in the air”.

  10. OMG, that Benjamin Franklin cake, LOL! These really reminded me of the Fake Cans from fakenewspapers. They got Cameltoe Soup and Dehydrated Mice! :’D

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