1. 1. They HAD to make a box that size. There is certain text that legally needs to be on a box. Different industries have different laws, but I think proactive is a acne fighting topical cream. Which means it needs to have a lot of information and text. Plus there is a minimal font that can be used, otherwise it’s illegal to print it. 100% sure this is the case as I was the graphic designer behind one of these labels LOL

  2. There is only one Country in the world where people are stupid enough to let this happen!!! USA, USA!!! Because laws to prevent stuff like this are communism.

  3. I think most of them are illegal if you are not in a shithole country. But 15… Well… I can’t understand why it’s here. It says that there are two more gratis and there is two more gratis in the package. What’s the problem? (Except if originally it contained 10… In this case: BURN!!!)

  4. I’ve actually brought from Rowe’s in Cornwall many times. I don’t bother buying their pre packed food but instead buy sandwiches from their (they pack it all for you then). Really nice sandwiches and loads of toppings (apart from the egg sandwich that is crap almost no egg). Worst sandwiches I’ve found was Greggs. Popped in several different times and brought sandwiches that looked “full” and it was just a bit of meat and salad pushed to the side of the bread. Around 80% was just nothing with a little bit of items inside. Stopped going to Gregg’s after that. (From England and my own personal experiences).

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