15+ Funny & Disturbing Pictures Of All Time

15+ Funny & Disturbing Pictures Of All Time
15+ Funny & Disturbing Pictures Of All Time

1. First of all, these things are strangely very similar:

2. Then there’s this “spirit” trapped inside that car:

3. This looks like a very naughty children’s sign:

Hint: do you see the nipple clamps?

4. These two men are totally the same person:

5. Then there’s this, wow:

6. The Crayola is an open mouth smiling:

See the smile lines, and the colors are the teeth.

7. There’s a furry creature hidden inside the mountain:

Hint: It's a bear.

8. This is…woah, mind blowing:

9. Michael Scott believed that the US only has one time zone:

10. This is the opening screen of Scary Movie:

11. Barney is just Nelson grown up:

12. These trees in the Pokemon game looks like muscle guys flexing:

13. LOL, this is pretty accurate:

14. Housemeat has a nice ring to it:

15. The “N” in ESPN looks like a certain someone from Star Wars:

16. Tom Cruise’s tooth, OMG:

17. Um, this is weird:

18. And finally, Mr. Peanut looks like has open-toed heels on:


  1. #10: not the opening screen of scary movie. It’s later in the movie when Brenda goes to a movie theater, it’s shown for a split second before they do the bit about her being too loud in the theater

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