1. It’s not all about Trump naming some countries as shitholes. It’s more about the fact that Trump wants people from countries with overall much better standard of living in general to move to the US, which is regarded as a shithole itself by many other nations.

  2. Im a fellow north european and i can tell that Finland has alot of the same things as Norway. Also i think that the USA is turning into a second world country.

  3. Meh, as a Scandinavian I could easily consider living in the US. We do have some things that are better, but thats all preference. If you want personal freedom at the expense of social security and healthcare, thats a choice. Why do scandinavians, including Norway, sign up for the visa lottery, if “no one” wants to move to the US? I would however never move to the shithole countries that today’s economic migrants tend to come from. So I can see where he is coming from

  4. Here’s some food for thought for all these “free” things: This is an actual excerpt of the Norwegian Tax Authority’s website: “The Norwegian tax system is based on the principle that everybody should pay tax according to their means and receive services according to their needs.” From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Should sound familiar to many, especially the readers among us. Remeber: there is no such thing as a free meal. Just because YOU don’t have to pay for your healthcare or education doesn’t mean nobody else is. And no, I’m not a hardcore GOP American. I’m from the EU myself and from a country with much lower taxes than Norway and still I cry each month when I get my paycheck and see how much has been taken away to pay for all the free stuff. I’m not playing Devil’s advocate here for Trump, I’m just trying to prevent people from romanticizing how things work around here.

  5. just a random brazilian passing by and envying both people…I mean it’s like my rich neighbors arguing whose pool is bigger… enjoy your shit people..nowhere is perfect

  6. US wants more doctors engineers, scientists? Ok, so you want more indies, syrians, romanians and iranians. Or russians. People with serious education. Not more texas, colorado, arkansas, alabama rednex with IQ smaller then Trump’s. Norway, German, Italian, Swiss engineers and scientists surely do not want to cross border of present US. Deal with it. You are shithole.

  7. Cenk is completly lying Norway is not a massivly “liberal” atleast not how he view “liberal” Norway is rather conservative nation compared too many and more and more is becoming conservative. The progress party here in Norway is the third biggest party with very conservative views on immigration and that party is also in coalition with the biggest party in Norway that is the conservative party. Most off these guys don’t even seem to know anything about Norway specialy with how only like 35% was from Norway or had norwegian ancestary. So Yeah “whole of Norway” is just overreacting a tiny fucking bit

  8. Trump says Norway is an amazing country, which is why they don’t move to America, Norwegians respond by saying “why would we want to move to America? Norway is awesome”, then proceed to think they refuted him or something….. Not shit sherlock, yes Norway is awesome, that’s what Trump is saying. Norwegians don’t come to America because Norway is a good country with good people, compare that to the people who DO migrate to America, who are shithole people from shithole countries. Why are they shithole people? Because they were raised in shithole countries. Why are they shithole countries? Because they are filled with shithole people. Good job proving Trump right you clueless fucking double digit iq mental rejects. Dear lord, learn how to use neurons for fuck sake.

  9. The real pathetic part is the president is too cowardly to even own his words. Not only does he have the world wrong, he doesn’t have the integrity and courage to stand by his views. No one doubts he said it, and yet U.S. Senators are willing to sell their souls to defend him. A truly sad state of affairs.

  10. Noone from a civilized country would go to the US for “freedom”. The only reason is either money, or their country is a worse shithole (US loves to feel good by comparing themselves to third-world countries).

  11. I was just now informed that the US has no regulated paid paternal leave. WTF? :0 Isn’t this like a basic need for a civilised country, to make sure that the future generations are well taken care of in their at their most vulnerable?

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