12 Detailed Pictures Show How It Takes Time To Perfect Your Craft

12 Detailed Pictures Show How It Takes Time To Perfect Your Craft
12 Detailed Pictures Show How It Takes Time To Perfect Your Craft

You all know that practice makes perfect. One artist to share her secrets is Netherlands-based Floortjes, who creates hyperrealistic digital paintings.

Using a drawing tablet, iPad, and mix of programs including Procreate and Photoshop, Floortjes often sets herself time restrictive challenges. Whether speedily sketching her subjects in just a matter of seconds, or revisiting drawings to slowly build up detail, the talented artist illustrates that it takes time to perfect your craft.







She also posts simple, instructive illustrations to teach her followers how to draw different objects. From lifelike hair, eyes, and lips, to realistic feathers, flowers, and jewels

Each piece starts with a rough sketch and is built up with base colors, shadows, highlights, and refined details as a finishing touch. However, Floortjes reveals that for her, it all comes down to discipline. “The way to improve your art is to practice, work hard and be determined.”






  1. as someone who draw a lot, and recently started digital painting, it takes me about 30 minute to do what this dude do in 5, and i’ve never did something better (like he’d do in 10 or 30 minute) so it’s just a matter of skill, and not time

  2. Yeah no, to perfect your craft it takes a lot of practice. Talent is good, because you have a headstart but it all comes down to practice. Most artists say it takes at least 10 years to be able to draw decent. This is just the time it takes to create these particular things WITH all the skill/know-how the artist has.

  3. Theres a slight difference between talking time to draw something you know how to draw and taking the time required to learn how to draw. Drawing is not about the time it takes you to draw something but to learn to do it.

  4. Patience doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t have the talent. Or motivation. Still it would be nice if I could draw anything resembling this even remotely.

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