1. Dear Moms, Do not panic. You CAN get slime out of clothes. Squirt some dawn dishsoap into a container of water. Mix the soap into the water and submerge the clothing item in the water for 12 hours or so. Then you can easily scrape off the slime with your hands. I’ve done this with children at work and my own son and it totally works. Also, regular shampoo and baby shampoo get slime out of hair.

  2. #13: okay, i admittedly am an old fart and was regulated into home ec classes while in school. that being said, there is a lot to be learned in such a class such as how to mend clothes. i know that my own daughter in law and even my sister in law have brought their items to me to mend or hem because they don’t know how to do it. my only complaint of that system that was in place while i was in school is that while so many of us already knew how to do this from learning it at home the girls were automatically assigned to this while the boys were sent to wood or metal or auto shop which many found boring because, like us, they learned at home. seriously, these are all life skills and should have been offered to anyone who wanted to attend even now.

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