10+ Husbands and Boyfriends who are funny and annoying too

10+ Crazy Husbands And Boyfriends
10+ Crazy Husbands And Boyfriends

1. This boyfriend who commemorated his S.O.’s first fart in front of him with THIS.


2. This boyfriend who got very creative…or was just really bored.

3. The husband who made this label that his wife hasn’t noticed yet.

Oh-so clever...or should I say, CLABBER.

4. The boyfriend who scared his S.O. with this creepy clown mask not once but FOUR different times.

5. Thought I looked cute as hell today and my boyfriend told me I look like Pinhead Larry

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6. This boyfriend who got his partner the 3-carat ring she asked for.


7. This serious Game of Thrones fan whose girlfriend let him decorate the bathroom.

Funny, TBH.

8. This husband who just COULDN’T resist “writing” on the new pillows his wife bought.

Great. Just great.

9. This husband who told his wife he left a present for her on her pillow.

Wow, rude.

10. The boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a very sweet back massage, then sent her a photo of what he ACTUALLY did.

You are what you draw?

11. The husband who added this finishing touch to his wife’s body pillow.

I wouldn't complain.

12. This boyfriend who brought his S.O. a bowl of chips and…yeah, no.

::side-eye emoji::

13. This boyfriend who isn’t wrong, but is definitely IN the wrong.

::sighs deeply::

14. This husband who made his first dad joke when his pregnant wife said she wanted a toasty shower.

Welcome to a whole new world, mama.

15. This boyfriend who made the spongecake that his girlfriend asked for.


16. This boyfriend who used algebra to settle a fight with his girlfriend in the geekiest way possible.

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My bf and I were fighting then he says this smh I’m tired of him

17. And finally, this boyfriend who got his GF the golden retriever she wanted for her birthday.

Hardee har-har.


  1. I mean the only things that would bug me would be the cake and golden retriever if they had been like “Guess what? I got what you wanted!” because DON’T PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS LIE THAT YOU KNOW I’M JUST A SENSITIVE LITTLE HUFFLEPUFF

  2. I wouldn’t consider any of these guys to be “jerks”. Most of them are funny, and it shows they want to share humor with their girlfriends/wives.

  3. Cake is cake. I would eat “Yay you farted” cake. The rest make me glad I’m single. Call me boring or sensitive but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this. My dad could pull jokes and pranks similar to some of these and I hated it. Now he can’t since I moved away from home. And I never liked being pranked, the very idea give me anxiety.

  4. What’s wrong with the bowl of chips? Just that it’s small? I prefer getting a small bowl of snacks. If I take the bag I’ll probably eat the whole thing.

  5. Okay so now I’m mad at my husband for not getting me a ‘Yay you farted’ cake. It’s been 9 years so with interest….he owns me at least 3.25 cakes. Back me up BF- I just want some cake!

  6. husband of the pregnant woman taking his life into his own hands with that prank though. I mean its funny but as my dad said “If I’d done that I would have lived through it but it wouldn’t have been pleasent”

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